[b]reach: adventures in heterotopia, a Black surrealist opera, follows the journey of PRISONER #25 and A BEVY OF DISSENT, a bodypolitic of Black-Gender-Non-Conforming-Queer-Trans-Straight-Femme-Butch-Spectrum-White-Brown-Beige-Able/Non-Able-Ageless-Anti-Capitalist-Industrial-Complex-Abolitionists-Dialecticians-Vegan-Flesh-Eating-Gluten-Free-Nightshade-Avoidant-Merry-Jayne-Loving-Multilingual-Border-Crossing-Trouble-Makers, who, while trapped in MISERABILISM, a bottomless pit of all things miserable, and suspended between now or never, are looking for exits out of and openings in to the space of the MARVELOUS. Aided by an abolitionist cartography and the leadership of liminal comrades—A CHORUS OF OUTLAWS, ancestral muses and cacophonies of sound; A COUNSEL OF DIRTWORKERS, wise ones of many mistakes; DJ TRICKSTER, shape-shifting conductors of slant; A TRICKY ARKESTRA of multiple axes; AN UNDERSTORY of community memories, and a nest of visionary AFREECOBRAS—the bodypolitic boards yellow submarines and magic carpets to visit WONDERLANDS OF FUGITIVITY safe(r) from EMPIRE.


[b]REACH considers the notion of Black fugitivity as a point of departure. a third space between confinement and freedom. a place to discuss the questions. a multimedia surrealist opera, [b]REACH will be staged throughout the Black diaspora and includes the vision and voices of community collaborators dedicated to subverting the status quo.