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[b]reach: adventures in heterotopia,

an abolitionist visual opera 

is a series of performances and installations that feature the antics of PRISONER #25, shape-shifting Black Subjects who world themselves through the history and afterlife of colonialism and slavery. Determined to abolish the dystopia of hierarchy, ownership, and control, PRISONER #25 collaborates with a web of spin doctors, a cacophony of sounds, a band of outlaws and a chorus of abolitionist muses to plot cartographies that expand beyond the spaces and places of MISERABILISM. Queering theory, activism, theatre, and exhibition, [b]REACH considers the breadth of Black radical imaginaries. The work consists of visual, sound, and environmental installations—including multi-channel projections; site-specific and fabricated installations; choreographed performances; guerrilla theatre; direct actions, and artist/community talks.

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